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Johannesburg Couples Therapy

The Johannesburg Psychoanalytic Couples Psychotherapy (JPACP) group was established in 2013 for qualified and experienced psychodynamic couple and relationship psychologists whose aim is to help those maintaining a satisfying and stable couple. As a group of well-trained professionals, we are all keenly interested in the dynamics of relationships and what actually happens when two individuals get together to form an intimate relationship. Our members are based in Johannesburg and elsewhere and are able to offer online counselling.  Couple therapy aims to offer something helpful or valuable to a specific relationship that a couple can take away with them and integrate.

It is naturally challenging and daunting for any one of us to understand ourselves, and then another with whom we want to have a positive, successful and creative couple relationship.

At the JPACP, we have come together as a group of psychoanalytically trained professionals who strive to help couples to navigate their unique couple relationship.

Through our clinical practice, we recognise the need for ongoing training and supervision in couple psychotherapy work. We expose ourselves to cutting-edge research and international practice – and as a result we are able to share our clinical experience of relational counselling and psychoanalytic psychotherapy with each other. We aspire to the highest standards of ethical clinical learning and application in the couple psychotherapy we offer. 

Couples Therapy
Couples Therapy

The group meets on a monthly basis throughout the year. We also participate in additional workshops, seminars and conferences. All of our members abide by ethical standards and we attend clinical supervision which is a practice requirement for all psychologists, psychotherapists and counsellors. This ensures that we uphold high professional standards and work appropriately, ethically and safely.

Current members of JPACP

We are full members of the Association of Couple Psychoanalytic Psychotherapists (ACPP) which is based in Cape Town.  This means we are able to gain benefit from their long-standing commitment to analytic study and how to help couples who are in a difficult place. Our group is part of the South African Psychoanalytic Confederation, the umbrella body uniting all psychoanalytic practitioners in South Africa. In addition, we have close links with the world-renowned Tavistock Relationships (formerly the Tavistock Centre for Couple Relationships) which is in London.

During the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, all our members adhere to strict protocols and strategies in line with the South African Health Department’s guidelines.  All our members are able to offer online counselling via well-known video platforms and those who continue to see clients face-to-face have their rooms sanitised, properly ventilated and keep a safe social distance.

Feel welcome to get in touch with one of our members if you’re thinking of couples counselling.  We can all do with assistance in helping us come through a difficult phase and negotiate a new path on the road ahead.